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10 Cancer Symptoms, No One Should Ever Ignore

According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, more than 178 000 new cancer cases are diagnosed in Pakistan each year, with over 117 000 cancer-related deaths.

The word “cancer” has a way of grabbing our attention right away. Cancer is the worst-case scenario that comes to mind when we suspect something is wrong with us. Unfortunately, for many people, learning they have cancer that has progressed to the later stages of the disease is too late because cancer can occasionally be present for years before it is discovered. Early cancer detection is critical because it can determine the likelihood of a successful treatment course. The most common cancer signs and symptoms are listed below.


It’s critical to remember that a cancer diagnosis isn’t the only explanation for unexplained weight loss. You should see a doctor if you are experiencing unexplained weight loss, regardless of the cause. A weight loss of 10 pounds or more is usually enough to warrant a visit to the doctor.


Fever is one way the body may react to the presence of cancer. Fever usually indicates that cancer has spread from its original site to other parts of the body, though it can be an early sign of the disease in some cases.


As cancer spreads, it puts more strain on the body’s systems, making you feel weak and exhausted. Even after a good night’s sleep, fatigue can leave you feeling exhausted. Fatigue can occur in the early stages of leukaemia, which is another symptom you should discuss with your doctor.


Unaccounted pain is a symptom that frequently indicates cancer spread. Pain is a common symptom of some cancers, including testicular and bone cancer.


Skin cancer is not the only type of cancer that can affect the skin. Itching is a minor symptom, but other symptoms, such as jaundice (yellowing of the skin), reddish or darker skin colour, and even unusual ones, such as excessive hair growth, are more likely to cause concern.


A change in bowel habits may indicate colon cancer. Constipation, diarrhoea, and changes in stool consistency are just a few of the symptoms that can vary greatly. Any sign of blood in the stool should always raise a red flag and be discussed with a doctor.


If blood is seen coming from the nipple area, breast cancer may be detected. It’s also important to remember that men and women are both affected by breast cancer. Men can get breast cancer, too, though it’s much less common, and in extremely rare cases, children.


A persistent cough or a cough that produces blood is an indication of lung cancer. Again, other conditions such as infections can cause these symptoms, so it’s best to see your doctor if you have either of them, even if you’re certain it’s not cancer.


Esophageal cancer can occasionally make swallowing difficult. This symptom can also indicate stomach or pharynx cancer. Indigestion frequently coexists with other symptoms caused by these cancers.


Any lumps or thickening of tissue in the testicles, breasts, lymph nodes, or other soft tissues of the body should be investigated. Many lumps are harmless and do not endanger life, but any new lumps, bumps, or irregularities should always be evaluated by a doctor.

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