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6 Ways To Customize Google Chrome On Windows

Customizing your web browser will improve the speed and customization of your web browsing experience. There are various ways to personalise Google Chrome to meet your tastes, mood, or style. Here’s how to customise and personalise Google Chrome: Choose a theme and organise your New Tab page to have the backdrop change automatically every day.

Customizing Chrome allows you to make it more personal. Chrome’s usual white-ish look isn’t for everyone. We’ll give you some tips for customising Chrome that you can try right away.

Google Chrome Theme

The usage of themes is one of the quickest and easiest ways to customise Google Chrome. This is true for both the tabs and the New Tab page, as well as the whole Chrome window. You may explore themes by navigating to the Chrome Web Store and selecting Themes from the menu on the left. There are various subjects to choose from. You have a range of options, including dark and black, colourful accents, spectacular autos, and attractive flowers.

Aur Sunao - 6 Ways To Customize Google Chrome On Windows

Choose Your Fonts

When customising your typefaces, you may select styles in addition to sizes. The first slider controls standard text size, while the second controls font size.

Font styles can also be altered. Google Chrome‘s font classifications include Serif, Sans-serif, Fixed-width, and Standard. Using the drop-down menus, you can specify the fonts Chrome will use for each of these types.

The Color scheme

Even if you do not use a Chrome theme, you may change the colour of your browser window. This function can be used in two different places. Change the background colour of the page where you create new tabs to a solid colour by clicking Color and theme in the Customization options for the new tab. The colour you choose will be used as the backdrop, and it will also change the colour of the title bar and tabs.

Turn On Sync

When you allow a sync, you will be able to access your history, passwords, and bookmarks across all of your Google Chrome-enabled devices. If you are installing Google Chrome on a new device, you may enable it while configuring the browser. Similarly, you may enable cloud data syncing on an older device by navigating to Settings in Chrome and choosing Turn on.

Turn On Live Captioning

If you want to view a lot of videos on the Chrome browser, this capability will automatically add live subtitles to them. Turn on the live caption option under Settings > Accessibility to get automatic subtitles for any video you play in the Google Chrome web browser.

Customize The New Tab Page

When you open a new tab in Chrome, a Google search and a few website shortcuts are presented. The shortcuts on this page may be customised, and the backdrop can be a personalised image or a solid colour. Open a new tab and add your photo to the website’s background. Choose the icon at the bottom that says “Customize.”

Aur Sunao - 6 Ways To Customize Google Chrome On Windows

Click the Customize button at the bottom of the new tab page to change the shortcuts. After that, click Shortcuts. My Shortcuts and Most Visited Sites are the two choices. In the latter, Chrome will make shortcuts based on how often you use them, but in the former, you have to set up shortcuts yourself. Turn on the switch next to Hide shortcuts if you don’t want to see shortcuts.

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