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AI Is Coming Like Chat GPT To Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, And Outlook

Microsoft is preparing to show how its cutting-edge AI, which is equivalent to ChatGPT, would effect its Office productivity suite.

Following the recent launch and presentation of the Prometheus Model in the Bing search engine, the tech giant is now focusing on revealing how this technology will be applied into important productivity programmes such as Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

According to sources close to the company, Microsoft will shortly explain how it plans to incorporate OpenAI’s Prometheus Model and language AI technologies into its productivity products.

Microsoft is expected to announce its investment in OpenAI in March, proving its commitment to changing search and productivity.

Microsoft has previously used GPT models in its Outlook programme to improve search results and add capabilities such as proposing email responses and integrating them into Word documents to improve a user’s writing experience, according to The Information.

Microsoft’s new generative AI feature in Microsoft Viva Sales, which was announced this week, makes use of the Azure OpenAI Service and GPT. This function generates sales emails in the same way as some of the Outlook functions are.

The Microsoft Prometheus Model, which was constructed utilising the most modern OpenAI technology, has changed Bing web searches. The integration of this model into the core Microsoft Office products and Teams will put Microsoft’s faith in its AI skills to the test.

When using Office web programmes, the Prometheus Model can presently be accessed via the Bing sidebar in the Microsoft Edge browser. A “Compose” tab in the sidebar offers an early look at some of Microsoft’s Word and Outlook tests.

According to reports, Microsoft is working into ways to make graphs and visuals for PowerPoint as well. Although Bing already generates tables and charts for simple data, it makes sense to turn this into visually appealing graphics for use in presentations or Excel.

Microsoft is hastening the integration process because Google is present. According to sources, the new Bing AI was meant to debut in late February, but Microsoft pushed the timing ahead to this week in response to Google‘s plans for its own launch. Google launched Bard, a ChatGPT competitor, the day before Microsoft’s event, outdoing Microsoft. However, it was not properly implemented, and consumers responded inappropriately to its instructions during the live demo.

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