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AIDS Day Will Be Observed Globally On December 1st

On Thursday, December 1, people all across the world, including Pakistan, will mark World AIDS Day to show their support for those affected by the disease and to remember those who have died as a result of it.

The theme for 2022 is “Putting Ourselves to the Test: Achieving Equity to End HIV.”

Since 1998, organizations and individuals worldwide have sought to raise public awareness of the HIV epidemic and HIV knowledge.

Given that it has infected over a million people worldwide, HIV remains a severe global public health issue. Public and private partners can utilize World AIDS Day to promote awareness of the disease’s state in order to progress HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care around the world. To commemorate the day, various public and private organizations would conduct a variety of events, including as awareness walks, talks, and conversations to educate people about the illness.

These activities are designed to educate young people about HIV/AIDS and to promote tolerance and acceptance of those living with the disease. Since the late 1980s to the early 1990s, the Pakistani government has maintained a consistent response to the HIV epidemic through national and provincial AIDS control programs, with assistance from UN organizations such as WHO, UNAIDS, UNICEF, UNESCO, and UNFPA, as well as bilateral and multilateral donors and a large number of nongovernmental and community service organizations. Experts on HIV/AIDS spoke to a private television channel about the urgent need to persuade all Pakistanis to take an active role in preventing this disease.

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