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Apple, Google, And Mozilla Are Working Together To Create The Next Generation Of Browser Benchmarks

Apple, Google, and Mozilla, the creators of the four most popular online browsers in the world (Safari, Chrome, and Firefox), have collaborated to build a browser benchmark that will be used to test the compatibility of new applications with various website-specific technologies.

This benchmark, known as the Speedometer 3, will allow companies to measure the speed of their browser products and improve the standard.

Mozilla asserts that Speedometer 3 will provide internet service providers with a common sense of what’s essential.

The Speedometer 3 is projected to serve as a bridge between app developers, engine developers, and browser developers utilizing those engines. Improved communication between the groups will result in the creation of faster and more efficient apps.

Apple noted on the Speedometer 3 agreement, Working together will allow us to further refine the benchmark and improve browser performance for users.

The final benchmark will compare Google’s V8 engine against Mozilla’s SpiderMonkey as well as Safari’s WebKit to Chrome’s Blink.

Due to the fact that this is a cooperation between three formidable opponents, some ground rules must be observed. These criteria were developed to prevent results from tilting in one direction.

Any revisions to the Speedometer 3 must gain unanimous permission from all parties; consequently, any change that draws major objection from either party will likewise elicit severe opposition.

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