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Apple: Iphone 14 Will Be Manufactured In India

NEW DELHI: As the tech titan switches some of its production away from China, Apple said on Monday that it will manufacture the iPhone 14 in India.

The firm announced the new iPhone 14 earlier this month, emphasizing safety enhancements over showy new technical features—with the exception of a smart watch intended for adventure.

The new iPhone 14 series has significant safety measures as well as ground-breaking new technologies. Apple issued a statement expressing its delight in the production of the iPhone 14 in India.

According to JP Morgan analysts, Apple will transfer around 5% of iPhone 14 manufacture to India beginning in late 2022. After China, India has the world’s second-largest smartphone market.

JPM analysts estimated last week that by 2025, Apple may make one out of every four iPhones in India.

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