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Apple Radio Chips And Qualcomm Satellite Modem Are Used In New Iphones .

SAN LUIS OBISPO: According to an iFixit research and an Apple statement, the iPhone 14 versions have a Qualcomm Inc. processor that can interact with satellites, but they also include extra specially-designed Apple components used in the phone’s most significant new feature.

Apple revealed the iPhone 14 series on Friday. One of the key new features allows users to send emergency messages by connecting to satellites when there is no WiFi or cellular data connection.

According to a statement issued by Apple earlier this month, the emergency message service, which Apple hopes to activate with a software update in November, is made possible by new technologies incorporated in the iPhone 14 models. Apple suppressed information on satellite-specific equipment.

iFixit, a San Luis Obispo, California-based firm that assesses the repairability of consumer electronics such as Apple iPhones, dismantled an iPhone 14 Pro Max model on Friday. The disassembly uncovered a Qualcomm X65 modem chip.

In addition to offering 5G connectivity for cellular networks, the Qualcomm chip may use band n53, the frequency range used by Globalstar satellites.

According to a deal announced earlier this month by Globalstar, Apple would use up to 85% of Globalstar’s satellite network capacity to provide its new emergency messaging feature.

In a statement to Reuters on Saturday, Apple stated that the iPhone 14 contains extra proprietary hardware and software for the new messaging functionality.

According to an Apple announcement, the new iPhone 14 models include “unique radio frequency components and new software designed entirely by Apple,” which together enable Emergency SOS via satellite.

Qualcomm did not respond quickly to a request for comment.

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