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Apple Watch X Will Come With New Design And Biggest Upgrades Yet

Apple 9th generation smartwatches are poised to hit the market. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the Series 9 may be the least substantial upgrade in the product’s history.

The upcoming Apple Watches will include a speedier chipset and a new color palette, but these modifications will be small. Upgrades to more recent models are no longer required if you already own a 2022 watch.

This recurring pattern appears to have prompted Apple to undertake serious internal discussions about extending Watch generations, a strategy that entails more important upgrades occurring more regularly between upgrades.

Apple is likely to keep to its yearly release timetable, focused on attracting customers away from other smartwatch businesses rather than convincing current Apple Watch owners to update regularly.

Aur Sunao - Apple Watch X Will Come With New Design And Biggest Upgrades Yet

Apple intends to call the future 10th generation “Watch X” when it is released, which is understandable given its near arrival. In comparison to the Series 9, Gurman thinks that the Watch X will be the most significant advance in the history of the Apple Watch.

This is consistent with Apple’s major revamp of its wrist-worn operating system, watchOS 10. However, it’s crucial to note that watchOS 10 will be accessible for older watch models as well, so it won’t be limited to the 2024 generation.

Apple is diligently striving to reduce the thickness of the Watch X’s case while also introducing a revolutionary approach for connecting wristbands that differs from their prior design.

According to insiders, the current band connecting method takes up too much space that could have carried a larger battery. Despite the fact that it is being discussed, a magnetic attachment mechanism may not be ready for deployment in the near year.

Apple launched LTPO displays with the Watch Series 5, and it is now ready for the next evolutionary step: microLED displays. Furthermore, the Cupertino behemoth has spent years building a blood pressure sensor, and it appears that this lengthy endeavor will yield results in time for a 2024 unveil.

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