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Aqsa Kausar, Who Is The First Google Machine Learning Expert In Pakistan

Pakistani women are making breakthroughs in STEM sectors both at home and abroad. In addition, they are rapidly closing the gender gap in technology. Aqsa Kausar is one such smart, hardworking, and clever woman who has greatly advanced the field of science. She is the first female Google Development Expert in Machine Learning in Pakistan.

Aqsa hosted a number of workshops at events such as the Islamabad-based Google DevFest 2018 and Google Cloud Next Extended 2019. She also attended a recent Machine Learning Train-the-Trainer event in Singapore hosted by Google.

Aqsa was fortunate to meet mentors at GDE since she has always believed that the right mentoring may help people achieve great success. She is currently employed by Red Buffer, an Islamabad-based provider of Machine Learning and AI software services, and she intends to lead the organisation as well as any future hires in the right way.

Individuals who believe that a job in technology will not be financially rewarding should reconsider their preconceptions. The life narrative of Aqsa Kausar can instill in young people the missionary enthusiasm they require to achieve their goals. Organizations like GDE connect the aspirations of tech-savvy women and their drives for achievement. The Google Developer Programs are significant because they allow anyone from anywhere in the country to participate and demonstrate their skills.

Aqsa, who is from the capital of Pakistan, grew interested in machine learning while still in school. While they were at school, Aqsa was inspired to explore the concept of replicating human qualities in robots.

Despite having an elder sister who is a doctor, she chose to study engineering at the time. After finishing his or her A-levels in physics, chemistry, and mathematics, Aqsa enrolled in the National University of Science and Technology to pursue a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering (BSEE). But, given the lack of chances in the nation, the path to ML was not straightforward.

Aqsa completed several internships and was even placed on a company’s “must-hire” list. Yet, she was unable to find work. The tech enthusiast finally found employment with a business after being unemployed for more than eight months. But, finding work was not her primary goal. Aqsa wished to expand her skills beyond those shown on her resume. She has worked on projects involving augmented reality, object detection, and recommender systems, and as an ML Engineer, she has practical expertise with a wide range of projects, from footfall forecasting to cataract diagnosis.

She soon learned about the Google Developers Program (GDE), which was the beginning of her road towards pursuing her ambition and profession in ML. She was one of the four Pakistani women who were chosen as GDEs in 2021.

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