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Are Shahbaz Shigri And Aima Baig Back Together?

Aima Baig and Shahbaz Shigri, who were a couple a few months ago, may have restarted their romance, according to speculations.

People adored the couple’s appearance together while they were engaged, but things did not work out, so they called off their engagement and stopped following each other on Instagram.

Their split was extensively reported on social media. Later, after Shahbaz Shigri and Aima Baig were engaged, a model alleged that Aima Baig had stolen and cheated on her partner.

Aima was widely chastised on social media by the model Taloulah Mair at the time, who even had contacts between Aima and her partner Qes Ahmed. At the moment, Shahbaz stayed mute.

Things look to be changing now that Aima Baig and Shahbaz Shigri have both following each other on Instagram.

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