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Artificial Intelligence Diagnosis Could Help in Hospital Pressure Reduction

According to the researchers, the ability of artificial intelligence to detect Covid-19 by X-ray may assist relieve hospital load. The technology was developed at the University of the West of Scotland.

The goal is to detect Covid-19 from X-ray images rapidly and directly. Furthermore, the technology will aid in the early diagnosis of a variety of lung illnesses, such as pneumonitis and tuberculosis. Researchers are always attempting to improve its anti-cancer potency. It is an effective software with a 98% accuracy rate that can quickly identify sickness in just a few minutes. This type of technology, according to Professor Naeem Ramzan, is critical for the world’s busy medical teams.

Aur Sunao - Artificial Intelligence Diagnosis Could Help In Hospital Pressure Reduction
Aur Sunao Artificial Intelligence Diagnosis Could Help In Hospital Pressure Reduction

Recent Happenings In Scotland

Currently, tuberculosis and pneumonia are diagnosed using a mix of CT scans, X-rays, blood tests, and ultrasounds. These examinations definitely consume a significant amount of time and money. According to Professor Ramzan, who talked with BBC Scotland, a diagnosis can take weeks, depending on the availability of the radiologist. However, technological advancements made it easier and faster to detect the illness. As a result, the condition can be addressed as quickly as possible by specialists. The method uses X-rays and compares them to hundreds of images from COVID, TB, and pneumonitis patients in a database.

A Real Prospect

Researchers are working on using x-ray technology to detect other diseases such as cancer. The diagnosis was made using a technology known as deep convolutional neural network, which is based on an algorithm commonly used to analyse imagery. However, X-ray equipment is a relatively inexpensive and commonly available diagnostic tool. Professor Ramzan has already used it to diagnose a variety of ailments, including tuberculosis, Covid-19, and pneumonia. He went on to remark that, because to recent advances in artificial intelligence, autonomous diagnosis utilising chest X-ray scans is now a viable prospect in the world of medicine. It may take several years for everyone to profit from the new technology.

Professor Ramzan continued, “We’d like to expand it globally and make it freely available to everyone, whether they’re in the NHS or not.” The method for diagnosing Covid-19 is still in use in some rural parts of Pakistan.

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