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Bajwa Might Be The Next Victim Of The Hacker’s Brutality

Aur Sunao - General Qamar Javed Bajwa

General Qamar Javed Bajwa, the current army leader, has recently drawn attention for his pro-political views and is anticipated to be the next casualty of the tape leak controversy.

Even though the biggest security breach in Pakistani political ever is still in progress, it has already exposed a number of truths, including Maryam’s desire to abolish the “National Health Card” and her son-in-law.

On the dark web, an unidentified seller known as “Indishell” is currently offering 100 hours of audio samples for 180 Bitcoins (the price was originally 18 Bitcoins but has since raised owing to all the interest it has been receiving). “Do the hackers have audios of General Bajwa?” asked an unnamed dark web user.

The hacker ultimately answered with a simple “YES” after much resistance from the user.

The hacker said on Friday that further videos will be posted to their account, “Indishell,” which has been solely reporting these incursions and disseminating anti-government tweets.


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