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Biden Believes Pakistan Is One Of The Most Dangerous Countries In The World

According to media reports on Saturday, US Vice President Joe Biden stated that Pakistan might be “one of the most dangerous countries in the world” because of its “nuclear weapons without any coherence.”

He spoke at a Democratic congressional campaign committee reception on Thursday.

In a transcript of the address released on the White House website, Biden was quoted as saying: Pakistan is another country that I feel is among the most dangerous in the world. Nuclear weapons in the absence of coherence.

The US president’s remarks were made in light of the changing geopolitical scenario throughout the world.

Nations, he claimed, were evaluating their relationships as the globe changed rapidly. And the truth is that the world is watching us, and I truly believe this. It’s not a joke. Even our foes want to know how we will handle this and what we will do.

Biden emphasised that there was a lot at stake and that the United States had the potential to guide the world in a new path.

Did you ever suppose that a Russian leader would threaten to deploy tactical nuclear weapons capable of killing three to four thousand people and used to make a point since the Cuban Missile Crisis?

Did anybody expect China to try to figure out where it stands in respect to Russia, India, and Pakistan?

The US president portrayed his Chinese opponent, Xi Jinping, as a man with clear intentions but a “enormous” amount of challenges.

What are we going to do about it? Pakistan is another country that I consider to be one of the most dangerous in the world. There are no cohesive nuclear weapons, according to Biden.

On Friday, after being questioned about Biden’s words, US Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre indicated that the US president believed a “safe and prosperous” Pakistan to be “essential” to its interests.

He’d previously made similar claims, so “nothing new,” she continued.

But, you know, he believes in a secure and successful Pakistan, and he believes that’s critical to our own interests here in the US, she added.

Nuclear Power Is Dependable

Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, under whose leadership Pakistan gained nuclear weapons, also remarked on the situation, noting that Pakistan is a responsible nuclear state capable of protecting its national interests while adhering to international law and agreements.

He stated on Twitter that there is no way our nuclear programme presents a threat to any nation. Pakistan, like all sovereign governments, is entitled to protect its independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity.

Meanwhile, leaders of the PTI, who have long claimed that the US was behind a plot to destabilise their government, jumped on Biden’s statements.

The PTI’s Imran Khan expressed two worries regarding the president of the United States’ statements. Given that I was Prime Minister, I am aware that we have one of the most secure nuclear command and control systems, so how could Biden reach this erroneous judgement about our nuclear capability?

In contrast to the US, which has been involved in battles all over the world, he questioned when Pakistan had behaved forcefully, particularly after getting nuclear.

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