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Bykea Hacked By Naughty Indian Hackers Who Cursed At Pakistan

popular ride-hailing app Bykea was temporarily assaulted by Indian hackers. Users of Bykea around the country began to receive notifications about hackers exploiting Pakistan.

The alert is displayed here.

Aur Sunao - Bykea Hacked By Naughty Indian Hackers Who Cursed At Pakistan

The mobile app displayed the same message but otherwise functioned normally. It is safe to infer that the hack was only used to display a message to everyone and did not cause any disruption.

Bykea’s main website, on the other hand, remained unaffected, and the app no longer displays any harmful messages. Although there is no proof that this attack was carried out by Indian hackers, the word suffices.

According to analyst evidence, this attack was most likely focused at Bykea’s marketing communications capabilities, which are in charge of notifying customers via push notifications. This is usually done by a third party.

Bykea’s official statement backs up this claim.

We regret for the offensive messages sent through Bykea. The infected tool was a third-party communication tool, which we can confirm. The Bykea app has been restored and is now completely functional and secure. If users have any issues, they can contact us via our hotline.

More information will be posted to this space in the near future.

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