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Dengue Is Still Spreading Despite The Changing Of Weather

Despite the changing weather, the deadly dengue virus continues to assault Rawalpindi. In the preceding 24 hours, 107 people became ill with the vector-borne disease, increasing the total number of dengue victims to 3,361.

As a result, 220 patients are presently being treated in three hospitals in the garrison city, while 47 dengue patients from Islamabad are being treated in Rawalpindi. Holy Family Hospital has 30 patients, District Headquarters Hospital has 75, and Benazir Bhutto General Hospital has 115. So far, the deadly sickness has taken the lives of two persons.

According to Dr. Ishaq, the District Health Authority’s chief executive officer, the ratio of dengue patients is swiftly shifting as a result of the weather change and the ongoing, intense anti-dengue campaign.

However, the intensity of the dengue virus outbreak is expected to decrease dramatically during the next ten days. The dengue mosquito’s ability decreases when the weather cools, but mosquitoes that seek shelter inside houses attack at night, so residents must be alert, he said.

A man was arrested for endangering the team.

According to a police official, a man was detained for refusing and hurling threats at the anti-dengue squad, which is under the authority of the Saddar Baroni police station.

Khair Muhammad was arrested by police for obstructing the anti-dengue team. The police have filed a case against the accused, according to the spokeswoman.

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