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Do You Know How Religious These Hollywood Celebrities Are?

Celebrities have never been encouraged to discuss religion in Hollywood. Several celebrities refrain from publicly expressing their views for fear of upsetting fans.

Despite this, many celebrities have opted to openly express their religious beliefs because they are so passionate about them. They have so established themselves as representatives of the faiths to which they belong. Tom Cruise is an outstanding example of someone who has taken the responsibility of being the face of Scientology and has not attempted to conceal his involvement with the divisive organisation.

Some notable persons were raised in one faith and continue to practise it, but others changed their religion as a result of enlightenment or spiritual awakening. Whether it’s Christianity, Hinduism, or, of course, Scientology, these religious icons live what they preach and don’t care if the rest of the world finds out.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is one of the most well-known celebrities that is loyal to their beliefs. For many years, the Top Gun actor has been a committed Scientologist. He joined the Church of Scientology for the first time in 1986, after being introduced to it by his first wife. His marriages to Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes purportedly ended in divorce due to his strong religious beliefs and ties to Scientology.

Chris Pratt

The Hollywood comedian is a fervent Christian. Chris Pratt declared publicly, “God is real,” and openly worshipped God. God wants what is best for you because he loves you. “I believe that,” he declared at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards. Others have hypothesised that he is affiliated with Hillsong Church, which has a significant celebrity following that includes Justin Bieber, as a result of his candour regarding religion. Actor Elliot Page chastised the Avengers star in 2019 for his ties to a religion with anti-LGBTQ+ sentiments.

Candace Cameron Bure

It should come as no surprise that the virtuous Hallmark movie star is open about her faith. The Full House actress’s Christian faith sparked a lot of heated debates while she was a co-host on The View. Bure differed with her mostly liberal co-hosts on a variety of social issues since she is a conservative Christian.

Justin Bieber

Based on his past actions, you wouldn’t classify Justin Bieber as a religious person, but it appears that he’s made a positive shift. The music star was a member of Hillsong Church and knew Carl Lentz, the church’s pastor in New York City. The “Sorry” singer frequently praised God in his social media posts and credits his faith for many good things in his life, including his wife Hailey. Bieber severed connections with Hillsong following the incident.

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg had a reputation as a naughty guy in his youth, but he is now known as a devout Catholic. According to the former rapper, he begins each day with prayer, scripture reading, and frequent attendance at mass. Wahlberg is a fervent Catholic who hopes to use his cinematic career to create faith-based entertainment by uniting his profession with his religion.

Orlando Bloom

Although the Lord of the Rings actor is well known for practising Buddhism, he is not as vocal about his faith. Bloom professes to follow Soka Gakkai Buddhism and uses its teachings to achieve peace in his hectic life. Recently, the actor discussed his daily practises, which include reading Buddhist literature and chanting for 20 minutes to calm his daughter.

Mayim Bialik

Although it may be difficult, Mayim Bialik believes that there is room for both her faith and her neuroscience experience. Bialik has been vocal about her Jewish roots and how it encouraged her during the pandemic. Every Friday, she observes Shabbat by turning off her technology and focusing her attention on those around her. She is known to dress modestly on red carpets and has a reputation for doing so.

John Travolta

According to recent reports, John Travolta may be leaving the Church of Scientology. The long-standing member has freely discussed his dedication to the organisation, which he has been a part of since 1975. Travolta spoke on how the church helped him and his family through a difficult time after his son Jett died suddenly in 2009.

DJ Khaled

Although DJ Khaled admits that he is not a perfect Muslim, his faith is very important to him. The musician spends a lot of time praying and is very vocal about the religion in which he was raised. He doesn’t go into much depth about his everyday rituals, but he declares himself to be a practising Muslim and even appoints Allah as executive producer for his song.

Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington, who is deeply devout, has considered becoming a Pentecostal preacher. The Pelican Brief actor is also not shy about discussing his spiritual contacts with the Holy Spirit. Washington is perhaps one of the most vocal celebrities when it comes to discussing Christianity, and he is becoming more devoted to his faith with time.

Stephen Baldwin

In the early 2000s, the actor abandoned a legendary Hollywood lifestyle to embrace God. The youngest of the Baldwin brothers wishes to inspire young people to follow in his footsteps. Following the 9/11 attacks, Baldwin became a born-again Christian and says that his life and values have changed dramatically since meeting God. Furthermore, he has established a youth ministry that preaches the gospel to young people through skateboarding, motocross, and motorcycling.

Priyanka Chopra

Although we probably know a lot more about Priyanka Chopra’s amusing marriage to Nick Jonas, she has spoken about religion and spirituality on occasion. Chopra has indicated that she is a practising Hindu, although her religion does not define who she is as a person. The Quantico star was reared in a religious environment, and despite her hectic Hollywood schedule, she makes time to worship and keeps a temple in her home.

Chad Michael Murray

Chad Michael Murray, a former adolescent idol who has appeared in numerous controversial circumstances, is a committed Christian, which may surprise you. Even the One Tree Hill star has been upfront about turning down roles that did not align with his spiritual beliefs. In addition, he has spoken about his dedication to a daily routine that includes Bible reading and devotions before going to work.


M.I.A., a British rapper, has long been known for her avant-garde music and diverse style, but she has just converted to Christianity. She offered an example of a moment in 2017 when she met Jesus, which completely changed her life. The “Paper Planes” singer has voiced concern that her developing love for God could alienate her fans, but she has accepted that possibility.

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood, a country singer, has always been forthright about her faith. She grew up in a Baptist family that was religiously active and adhered to rigorous religious ideals. Her early experiences of singing in the church choir lay the groundwork for her own musical love. Even now, the country music performer remembers her roots. During the outbreak, Underwood released a gospel album with hymns she had played at her Checotah, Oklahoma, church. She has also stated that she and her husband intend to instill the same Christian values in their children.

Michelle Yeoh

Michelle Yeoh is another renowned lady who practises her religion earnestly but rarely discusses it in public. The action hero was raised in a Buddhist household and practises Buddhism on a regular basis through chanting and praying. She recently revealed her morning practise to the New York Times, which includes chanting a Buddhist mantra meant to protect and bless her. Yeoh has stated that Buddhism keeps her grounded and is one of the reasons she strives to grow.

Reba McEntire

Reba McEntire is a well-known celebrity, although she just worships God. The country music icon is not afraid to express her thoughts. She truly credits God for much of her accomplishments throughout her life and is still motivated by her Christian faith. Sing It Now: Songs of Faith and Hope, her first gospel album, was released in 2017, and My Chains Are Gone: Hymns and Gospel Classics, her second faith-based CD and DVD, will be released in 2022.

Richard Gere

Although many of Richard Gere’s famous contacts are from Hollywood, they are not all. For a long time, the Dalai Lama has taught and known Gere. The connection is made through his devotion to Buddhism, which began in his early twenties. Since then, the Beautiful Woman star has spent a lot of time studying Zen and meditation and listening to counsel from various Buddhist gurus. Short of becoming a monk, the stunning actor has established himself as one of Hollywood’s most dedicated and steadfast Buddhists.

Kirk Cameron

Kirk Cameron, like his sister Candace, practises religion, and his conservative opinions have generated quite a fuss over the years. The former adolescent actor fled Hollywood after scoring his breakout role on Growing Pains to pursue his true calling. He is now a devout Christian. Cameron and his wife Chelsea Noble live a low-key lifestyle away from the spotlight while creating faith-based content.

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