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Drone Crashes In Ali Town Terminal Of Orange Line In Lahore

  • Drone collided with the bare track within Ali Town terminal.
  • According to the officials, the drone was equipped with a camera.
  • Police are investigating where and why a drone crashed.

On Wednesday, a drone crashed into the Ali Town Orange Line railway terminal.

According to early reports, the drone crashed Friday night on a deserted track inside the Orange Line yard. Authorities are looking for the remote-controlled drone aircraft.

Although no explosive substance was detected inside the drone, the authorities have confirmed that a camera was discovered attached to it.

The bomb disposal team and other relevant authorities arrived at the scene of the drone accident, and inquiries into the occurrence have begun from multiple viewpoints.

The Special Protection Unit is in charge of regional security. After learning of the incident, the unit promptly notified the police and the public transportation agency, and intelligence agencies are also investigating.

However, no department has made a statement concerning the drone plane, where it came from, why it was there, or whether or not it is a spy drone.

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