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Dubai Announces Construction Of First 3D-Printed Mosque In The World

Dubai will also create history by constructing the world’s first 3D-printed mosque, thanks to the vision and leadership of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE.

The groundbreaking mosque is scheduled to be completed in 2025. According to current information, the mosque would have a floor area of 2,000 square metres and can accommodate 600 worshippers at once.

Ali Al-Halyan Al-Suwaidi, the head of the engineering department, talked about the construction phase of the mosque. He said that work on the site will start in the fourth quarter of this year and be finished in the first quarter of 2025. He said that 3D printing projects, like printing the walls, take 4 months to finish. The speed of 3D printing is expected to be 20 cm per second or 2 square metres.

The Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities (IACAD) will utilise cutting-edge technology and engineers to build the mosque, which is expected to cost 30% more than comparable constructions.

According to an IACAD press release, the project aims to elevate the Emirate of Dubai to a leading global hub for the application of this technology, while also lowering construction costs and speeding up project implementation, advancing development and indicators of global competitiveness, and protecting the environment by lowering the proportion of waste.

It asserted that the construction work will “result in the recruitment of top partnerships in the field of construction work utilising this technology” by creating a dynamic environment by encouraging owners, real estate developers, investors, engineers, and contractors.

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