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Dubai Police Arrested American TikToker For Screaming In Public

As Tierra Young Allen, a San Diego-born social media celebrity, discovered, Dubai may not be the best place to settle differences by shouting at each other.

Tierra, who has been stranded in Dubai for two months, has learned that yelling in public can have serious consequences after being accused of “public screaming.”

According to media accounts, TikToker Tierra left her personal belongings in a friend’s rental car following their crash.

When she returned to the car rental firm to retrieve her stuff, including her ID and credit card, she was charged an unspecified fee. When a disagreement with an employee developed into a heated argument, the situation deteriorated.

Tierra’s loud voice, which was deemed a minor issue in the US, swung the tide against her in Dubai. While the incident is being investigated, local officials have confiscated her passport and placed her on a travel ban.

Tina Baxter, Tierra’s mother, described the situation as “terrifying.” She told a news station that her daughter is becoming more aware of the gravity of the issue as time passes.

The incident has taken a heavy emotional toll on the family, and Baxter has acknowledged to enduring sleepless nights filled with sobbing.

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