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Electric Cab Service Will Soon Be Available In Karachi, Says Sharjeel

The Sindh government plans to introduce an electric taxi service in Karachi soon to provide residents with modern, fairly priced, and environmentally responsible transportation options.

On Sunday, Sindh Information and Transport Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon stated this to the media after visiting construction on the corridor being created for the Red Line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service in the city.

He argued that because existing ride-hailing companies’ pricing had skyrocketed, it was now more important than ever to establish a new, less priced taxi service. He added that the Sindh government was seriously considering launching a modern, comfortable, and environmentally friendly taxi service in Karachi, and that it will be completed shortly.

According to the transport minister, the PPP leadership directed the Sindh government to expedite the completion of transportation-related projects in the city so that Karachi citizens might benefit from cutting-edge mass transit systems.

He asserted that the Sindh government had made every attempt to fulfill its responsibilities in terms of providing public transportation systems, citing them as one of the people’s basic needs.

Memon stated that the Sindh government had spent billions of rupees to provide residents with modern and comfortable mass transit services, and that the Sindh Mass-Transit Authority (SMTA) had been working around the clock to increase the number of modern buses in Karachi and complete the projects’ infrastructure.

Memon described the Red Line project, which was being built from Malir Halt to the Numaish junction and was 22 kilometers long. He stated that building on a biogas generating facility would begin soon, making it Pakistan’s first public transportation system to run on clean biogas.

Sharjeel stated that the Sindh government planned to begin operating electric buses in Karachi soon. The transport minister claimed that work on the Yellow Line, another BRT project, will begin soon and that the project’s paperwork was being finished in collaboration with the World Bank.

He further mentioned that the Sindh government had recently launched the Orange Line BRT portion and the Peoples Bus Service in the city.

Memon asserted that BRT systems are accessible in many major developed cities throughout the world in order to provide quick and comfortable public transportation options. The identical service is already available in Karachi.

He asserted that the Malir Cantonment Board, as well as all other relevant government entities, were fully supportive of and working with the building of the Red Line corridor. He went on to say that the city administration had been given a seven-day deadline to remove any encroachments in order to make place for the Red Line.

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