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Elon Musk Says That His AI Robot Would Create “A Future Of Abundance”

Elon Musk Claims That His AI Robot Would Create “A Future Of Abundance”. Musk stated that his robots will be capable of doing a variety of tasks on Tesla’s A.I. Day.

Elon Musk gave the public its first look at Optimus, the company’s “humanoid” robot powered by artificial intelligence, at Tesla’s second-annual A.I. Day event last week. In comparison to a Tesla vehicle, the robot was slow—very slow.

After emerging from behind a video screen, the “Bumble C” prototype robot moved slowly across the stage. Before staggering offstage, it waved to the spectators and briefly raised the roof with its arms.

The prototype was clearly a work-in-progress, with visible wiring and blinking hardware, in contrast to the projected version shown at the 2021 A.I. Day event, which Musk acknowledged was really a guy dressed up as a robot. Musk did, however, hint that Tesla’s crew had just just begun to investigate the robot’s capabilities.

According to Musk, this was the first time Bumble C walked without being tied to anything, such as a crane or an external power supply. The robot can accomplish a lot more than what we just demonstrated; we just didn’t want it to fall on its face, he continued.

Although the project is still in its early phases, Musk’s vision is obvious. He claims that the robot would eventually be able to perform a wide range of human tasks, from simple housework to factory work, and that the cost will be less than $20,000.

While other robotics companies (such as Boston Dynamics) may have more impressive examples of what their humanoid robots can do practically, Optimus is unique due to its brain, which, according to Musk, is powered by the same artificial intelligence (AI) technology that powers Tesla’s self-driving car programme.

With this technology, the robot can recognise and categorise various items, comprehend the space it occupies, and operate objects in the real world, such as picking up and moving boxes.

Never one to back down, Musk said that the Optimus bot may have a transformative impact on the global economy, pointing out that there is no theoretical limit to how large an economy can develop if there is a limitless supply of labour.

Musk believes that the arrival of a robotic workforce will herald in “a world of abundance where there is no poverty and you can have whatever you want in terms of products and services.”

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