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Everything You Need To Know About “Yunhi” Drama Starring Bilal Ashraf And Maya Ali

The drama “Yunhi,” starring Bilal Ashraf and Maya Ali, is set to premiere, and the performers have recently revealed some fascinating details about it.

When Bilal Ashraf and Maya Ali were participants on a discussion show, Maya Ali addressed her decision to cast Yunhi. “I got the whole package of the drama that Bilal Ashraf will be in the drama and it will be directed by Ehtishaam-ul-Din,” Maya explained.

I’m stuck; I can’t accept or refuse without reading the script because if I decline, I need a reason, she explained. After reading the screenplay, I recommended Bilal to appear in it since it would be an excellent first drama, but as I continued reading, I realised that I would also be participating in it because Sarwat Nazeer wrote it.

According to Bilal Ashraf, the spectacular visuals are due to the fact that the drama was shot on film with top DOPs. Although Bilal Ashraf did not divulge his character’s name, he did say that he portrays Dawood and Maya is Kaniz Fatima.

According to Bilal Ashraf, the play was chosen because of its simple and wonderful premise. Maya Ali added that Bilal withholds a lot of information regarding the show because he believes we shouldn’t try to persuade people that it is amazing.

When questioned about the drama, Bilal Ashraf said, “Momina Duraid offered me Yunhi, and I accepted.” Maya and Bilal also shared an intriguing story about reading a screenplay aloud during a video call. “I read twenty episodes and got my last five before filming,” Maya Ali explained.

She also stated that she read the screenplay to Bilal Ashraf through video link because Bilal could not read Urdu. However, this technique was difficult since Bilal Ashraf had difficulty understanding the Urdu writing.

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