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Fans Have A Big Party After Messi Beats France In FIFA World Cup And Ends The “Goat” Debate

Huge crowds swarmed the streets of Buenos Aires following Argentina’s World Cup triumph over France on Sunday.

In a dramatic final that ended 3-3 after extra time, Argentina overcame France 4-2 on penalties.

They Made People Fall In Love With Them, Says The Argentine Squad

“incredible. It’ unbelievable! Despite the difficulties, we succeeded thanks of Messi, said Santiago, 13, to the news agency Reuters.

According to Diego Aburgeily, 46, “It was a fantastic game, albeit at times agonizing. “This team” made people fall in love with themselves for the first time in decades.

Nicole Ris, DW’s Latin America correspondent, dubbed the triumph and the celebration a “emotional earthquake” while reporting from the streets of Buenos Aires.

She said that people were chanting “Messi” on the street and said, “I can see thousands, and they are rejoicing, they are singing, and they are dancing.”

At the stadium in Qatar, according to DW Sports correspondent Danya Barsalona, “the atmosphere was just fantastic.”

As their team grabbed an early lead, she noted, “Argentina fans were enormously hyped up at the beginning of the game.”

A French Three-Peat Is Just Out Of Grasp

Argentina’s Lionel Messi dominated the Qatar final for the majority of the game, but France’s Kylian Mbappe scored twice in the final two minutes to force extra time. Argentina prevailed in the penalty shootout after Messi and Mbappe each scored in extra time to trigger a shootout (4-2).

French supporter Loane, 14, said Reuters, “We’re angry, especially with a conclusion on penalties.” However, the game was full of surprises, and we were certain that we could win.

To overcome a two-goal deficit is amazing, Romain Balthazar, a fellow admirer of Les Bleus, told the news agency.

Macron Expressed His Disappointment. I’m At A Loss

Aur Sunao - Fans Have A Big Party After Messi Beats France In Fifa World Cup And Ends The "Goat" Debate
Aur Sunao French President Emmanuel Macron Sad

Argentina’s championship victory on Sunday was lauded by French President Emmanuel Macron.

He told reporters in Qatar, “We are first of all very sad, really upset.”

Macron reportedly tried to console Kylian Mbappe and the other France players in the locker room by telling them that “they made us all incredibly proud, and made us all tremble with joy.”

Mbappe’s “incredible” performance was commended, and he stressed the 24-year-unusual old’s opportunity to participate in two World Cup finals while still young.

Despite the setback, the French president stated that when the players return to France on Monday, they will parade down the Champs-Elysees.

Macron has been in Qatar since losing to Morocco in the semifinals.

What Did The French Athletes Have To Say About It?

We are obviously disappointed because we gave it our all. During the campaign, we had to overcome various obstacles, but we never gave up, said French defender Raphael Varane.

“We were out of the game for an hour. We might have won as well. I’m overjoyed to be French and a member of this club. We remain confident. We returned when the game became difficult.

“The Argentines got the game going right away, playing aggressively and utilizing all aspects of the game. We were a little overly reactive all night, said Hugo Lloris, a French goaltender.

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