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Feroze Khan Gets Legal Custody Of His Son Sultan Khan

Feroze Khan custody battle with his ex-wife Syeda Aliza has made a big breakthrough: Feroze Khan was given permission to bring Sultan Khan to today’s court hearings. According to Feroze Khan’s attorney, the court did grant Feroze Khan five days of custody of Sultan.

According to the court’s decision, Sultan Khan must stay with his father Feroz Khan from December 22 to December 27. The court, however, refused to allow Fatima Khan of Feroze Khan to live with her father because she is just 7 months old and cannot survive without her mother.

Aliza Sultan also told the court during the hearing that her son Sultan had previously spent the night with his father, according to the information. The court also took Feroze Khan’s passport and ID card while Sultan Khan was accompanying him. Later, the court ordered Feroze Khan to post a one lakh rupee bail bond.

According to Syeda Aliza’s attorney, the court ordered Feroze Khan to pay 50,000 per month for son Sultan and 30,000 per month for daughter Fatima. The Family Court issued a judgement on Feroz Khan’s request for the extradition of the children and interim expenses.

The court ordered Feroze Khan to pay 50,000 to his son Sultan and 30,000 to his daughter Fatima each month, with the children’s expenses to be paid by the 14th of each month. Aliza’s counsel emphasized that, despite their worries, they will follow the court’s rulings.

He added that the monthly payment of $80,000 is lower due to the demands of the children, but the mother will handle the remaining until additional orders are issued. The opposing party opposed Syeda Aliza‘s demand to video call her child when he was living with his father.

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