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‘Flippy 2’ Robot Cooks French Fries Quicker And Better Than People

Fast-food The high-tech makeover of fries and onion rings is the work of a Southern California company.

Miso Robotics Inc. in Pasadena’s Flippy 2 robot has started to automate the deep-frying of meals with potatoes, onions, and other ingredients.

Large robotic arms used in automobile manufacturing retrieve frozen French fries and other meals from freezers, dip them in hot oil, and then transfer the final, ready-to-serve product onto a tray. Cameras and artificial intelligence are used to operate these robotic arms.

Flippy 2’s simultaneous preparation of many dishes using different recipes lowers the need for catering personnel and, according to Miso, speeds up order delivery at drive-through windows.

When an order comes in, the restaurant system instantly feeds out the instructions to Flippy, Miso CEO Mike Bell said in an interview.

It does it faster, more accurately, consistently, and with greater enjoyment than most humans, according to Bell.

Aur Sunao - 'Flippy 2' Robot Cooks French Fries Quicker And More Efficiently Than People

According to Miso, the creation of Flippy, which was just launched on the market, took five years.

The robot’s name is inspired from Flippy, a prior robot designed to flip hamburgers. However, as Miso’s team finished that machine, the bottleneck at the fry station became substantially tighter, particularly late at night.

According to Bell, Flippy 2 is the first to cause a sensation.

Customers that approach the robot to make purchases all take photos, shoot videos, and ask several questions. When they return a second time, they don’t seem to see it and just think it’s still there “He said.

Miso engineers may help solve problems by seeing Flippy 2 robots in action on a wide screen in real time. According to Bell, a number of restaurant chains have welcomed the robotic fry chef, including Jack in the Box in San Diego, White Castle in the Midwest, and CaliBurger on the West Coast.

Bell says that Flippy 2 has been adopted at three additional big US fast-food restaurants, but that they are hesitant to advertise it owing to fears about robots replacing humans in the workforce.

People are more keen to assign tasks such as the fry station. They are grateful for the support so that they may do other jobs Bell said.

Miso Robotics employs around 90 engineers who work on computer code or prototypes. One of its next projects is Sippy, a drink-making robot that will collect a customer’s order, pour drinks, cover them with lids, insert straws, and group them together.

Bell anticipated that people would ultimately Hey, remember when humans used to do that kind of thing? you may remark to a robot. when you go into a restaurant

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