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Flying Taxis May Soon Change World’s Travel Industry

The flying taxis, also known as an eVTOL aircraft, can take off and land without a runway and travel long distances like an airplane.

We’ve all seen films of flying taxis, but none of us have ever seen one fly. A recent air regulatory bill, however, appears to prove that this is not the case.

US air regulators have approved the official addition of vehicles with a combination of helicopter and plane characteristics to the list of certified aircrafts.

The flying taxi industry, which has experienced substantial investment in recent years, really needed this law to succeed. With the rule in place, firms will be able to begin selling flights to customers very soon.

For the past few years, flying taxis have been termed “future transportation.” As a result of the hype, major airlines have purchased flying taxis for themselves, and investors are pouring money into companies that claim to provide flying taxi services.

So, how does the flying taxi compare to a traditional plane or helicopter? The flying taxi, also known as an electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, can take off and land without the use of a runway and can travel long distances like an airliner.

In addition to these modifications, flying taxis use an electric engine, which allows them to produce relatively little noise, making them perfect for city transport.

The flying taxi could arrive in Europe before the United States. This is because it is expected that these flying taxis will be used at the 2024 Olympics in Paris.

However, American researchers predict that it will be operational in the country by 2025. This is because the country’s regulation regarding these gadgets remains a challenge.

Despite ongoing regulatory issues in the United States, US airlines are among the most engaged in the flying taxi business.

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