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foodpanda Introduces “Share The Table” To Support Local Startups

Foodpanda is pleased to announce the launch of “Share The Table,” a new program designed to empower and assist businesses in the Karachi area. Foodpanda is a well-known global meal delivery network that is also a leader in Q-Commerce and technology.

Foodpanda’s impact extends beyond its own operations, with the goal of having a long-term constructive impact on the community as a business dedicated to offering convenience and fantastic experiences.

Foodpanda, a subsidiary of DeliveryHero, has grown from humble beginnings as a startup in a living room in Karachi to become a major participant in the global food delivery network. Foodpanda is well-positioned to revolutionize the digital sector and promote the growth of early-stage firms through collaborations, mentoring, and the promotion of thought-provoking conversation as a well-known innovator in Q-Commerce and technology.

In view of the current economic difficulties faced by both local and foreign internet firms, Foodpanda believes that digital leaders should do more than just offer words of support. It is now their collective responsibility to take the initiative and assist start-up businesses in whatever way they can.

In recognition of this commitment, foodpanda is proud to present “Share The Table.”

Foodpanda welcomes businesses to work out of their Karachi headquarters by providing them with a wonderful workspace and access to invaluable tools. The purpose is to improve the environment for tech companies and enable potential business owners to realize their objectives.

BusCaro, a wonderful team founded in 2022 in Karachi, was one of the first businesses to benefit from the “Share The Table” initiative. BusCaro’s mission is to make safe and dependable transportation easier for both men and women in Pakistan.

BusCaro uses the latest transportation technology to offer reliable prices, relaxing rides, and safe travel. BusCaro is currently running in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. It has more than 50 hardworking employees who are all working toward the same goal.

Foodpanda is glad to share its table with any entrepreneur in Karachi searching for a high-quality workspace. Startups interested in participating are encouraged to fill out the form on the foodpanda website.

Please keep in mind that only entries that have been shortlisted will be contacted.

Aspiring enterprises and foodpanda may collaborate to provide memorable experiences that promote Pakistan’s technology economy.

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