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Ghilaf E Kaaba Changing Ceremony Held Last Night

MAKKAH: The Ghilaf-e-kaaba Changing Ceremony Held Last Night on Wednesday. The first of Muharram, 1445 Hijri in the Islamic calendar, falls on this day.

130 technicians and manufacturers worked on the ten-step difficult process of replacing the old cloth with a new handcrafted Kiswa (the fabric’s Arabic name).

The material that covers the Kaaba is made of raw silk, 120 kilos of gold wires, and 100 kilograms of silver wires. and total weight of Kiswa is 1300 kilograms.

On an assembly line, the biggest sewing machine in the world was used to carefully put together the raw materials. Gold wires were used to hand-stitch lines from the Quran onto parts of the black silk cloth.

According to local media, a trained staff oversaw the entire process of replacing the Kiswa, which is made up of 56 gold-embroidered pieces that take between 60 and 120 days to complete.

Video Credit: Shoaib Islamic World

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