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Gigi Hadid Has Left Elon Musk’s Twitter, Calling It A Cesspool Of Hate

Elon Musk is exhibiting his disregard for the repercussions as well as his steadfast dedication to his aim of redesigning Twitter. His violent behavior is already having a bad impact. Gigi Hadid, a 27-year-old American supermodel, announced on Instagram on Friday that she had deactivated her Twitter account. She wrote on her Instagram story:

It has long been a breeding ground for bigotry and intolerance, but especially under its new leadership. I am not going to take part in this activity. I’m unable to use it as a social platform that will benefit everyone or as a place where they may feel at ease.

Aur Sunao - Gigi Hadid Has Left Elon Musk's Twitter, Calling It A "Cesspool Of Hate."
Aur Sunao Gigi Hadid Has Left Elon Musks Twitter Calling It A Cesspool Of Hate

Toni Braxton, a well-known singer, also announced her departure before Gigi Hadid.

Some of the ‘free speech’ I’ve witnessed on this platform since its takeover has shocked and disgusted me. I’m staying away from Twitter because it’s no longer a safe space for myself, my sons, and other people of color to vent hate speech under the pretense of free expression.

Shonda Rhimes, a well-known Hollywood producer, also contributed writing.

I’m not waiting to see what Elon has in store for me. Bye.

Not only are celebrities leaving Twitter, but Twitter is also working hard to remove some well-known users from the platform. Kathy Griffin’s Twitter account was suspended as Twitter’s new CEO Elon Musk announced new limits for users who participate in “impersonation” on the social media network. Kathy Griffin was promptly barred from the social media platform after changing her online moniker to Elon Musk. Despite the fact that Elon Musk’s name appeared next to her blue checkmark, her handle read “Kathy Griffin.” Elon Musk tried to play the cynical card.

Elon Musk claimed that this is a violation of the company’s anti-impersonation policy and warned to permanently suspend any accounts that do the same if they do not clearly state that they are parodies.

In the past, we have provided warning before stopping service; but, because we are doing widespread verification, there will be no notice. Elon Musk stated on Twitter, This will be made extremely clear as a prerequisite for joining Twitter Blue.

Many individuals have praised the campaign for free expression and the necessity for an open platform on the internet, but others are not so happy. Many people, including well-known celebrities, believe the formerly peaceful platform will suddenly contain unfiltered and unregulated content, resulting in the spread of hatred.

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