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Google Bard AI Will Soon Be Available On Android Phones

According to recent reports, Google’s ChatGPT competitor Bard will be accessible on Android handsets soon. Google’s AI chatbot, according to reports, will be accessible as a home screen widget for Pixel phones before other handsets.

According to the source, Bard’s debut might take the form of standalone software, a home screen widget, or even integration with the Google Search app. It’s unclear how Bard will affect phones right now.

According to insiders, Bard will be more than simply a chatbot and will work as an assistant with system control abilities. According to the coding, this function is currently being developed exclusively for Pixel phones.

Google, on the other hand, routinely tests new features on Pixel models, allowing the company to analyze real-world conditions and provide tech enthusiasts an early glimpse at upcoming improvements.

The analysis of code led to these results, but Google’s goals could change at any time. Bard is currently a trial project that is not open to the public.

Users who want to test it out can join up and put their names on the waitlist, or they can look into alternative services that are currently accessible, such as ChatGPT or Bing.

It is worth noting that Google has a history of abandoning its own projects, including ones that have been in development for years, in the middle of them. As a result, it’s completely possible that Bard will never be available for Android phones.

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