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Google Can Now Translate Your Doctor’s Handwriting For You

When Google debuted the technology at its annual conference in India, it claimed that expert pharmacists assisted in its development.

One of the many common obstacles we all face in life is reading a doctor’s prescription, which causes us to hand it over to the pharmacist, who is the only one who understands it.

The problem lingered for decades, but Google has discovered a solution. The IT behemoth has lately introduced a new doctors note decipherer on the market. Thanks to advanced technologies, the feature can recognize some of the most challenging handwritings.

Google announced the function at its annual conference in India, saying it worked with experienced pharmacists to design it. Although no release date has been stated, it is clear that it will be included in Google Lens once it is.

The device would “act as an assistive technology for digitizing handwritten medical records by supplementing the humans in the loop such as pharmacists,” according to Google’s description of it. However, no selection will be made solely on the basis of the technology’s production.

Given that the announcement was made in India, which also has the highest number of Google Lens users, the product is expected to be presented there first before being made available elsewhere.

At the Google for India event, other exciting technology was also on display. During the occasion, Google revealed that it has been working on a single model that will support over 100 Indian languages for both speech and text.

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