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Google Is Developing Bluetooth-Enabled Stadia Controller

When the American tech giant revealed that it would be closing down the service, rumours concerning the future of Google Stadia controller, which was linked to the service, began to circulate.

According to the technology news website GSM Arena, a business recently revealed that it will provide a self-service tool that will allow users to enable Bluetooth on the Stadia controller.

This was a controller function whose software had been deactivated. Once enabled, the Stadia controller may be used as a conventional Bluetooth controller with other devices.

The upgrade should allow Stadia users to continue using the controller with other devices until January 18, the deadline set by Google.

Furthermore, Google provided Stadia players with the game “Worm Game” before the service was cancelled the following Wednesday. Stadia’s qualities were evaluated using this game, which the team has been playing internally for years.

This simple, no-frills game would not have been made if the service had not been shut down. According to GSM Arena, playing the game that was used to test and design the service is like to discovering a pleasant Easter egg.

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