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Google Launches A Circular Economy Startup Accelerator In Pakistan

Google, the world’s largest internet company, is launching a circular economy business accelerator to help entrepreneurs and non-profit organisations in Pakistan, Asia-Pacific, and North America.

The programme will choose organisations who use technology to solve circularity challenges.

The Google for Startups Accelerator: Circular Economy project will choose organisations that will utilise technology to solve circularity concerns in the built environment, fashion, food, and safe and circular materials sectors.

The Asia-Pacific region, which is the most vulnerable to the consequences of climate change, is a good location to begin when innovating and creating circular economy solutions.

Only ten rivers contribute 90% of all river-borne plastic in the ocean, eight of which are in APAC. By 2040, Asia is expected to account for 40% of global consumption.

The predicted global resource demand in 2022 will be 1.75 times more than what the earth’s ecosystems can regenerate in a single year. Furthermore, the vast majority of the resources we extract and use are unavoidably wasted, leading to the yearly generation of almost 2 billion tonnes of solid trash.

The initiative intends to help firms that will contribute to the creation of a circular economy that is safer, more sustainable, and more equitable for everyone in order to restore our relationship with physical resources and solve circularity challenges.

The accelerator offers ten weeks of virtual programming with technical assistance and coaching from Google employees and other professionals delivered via a mix of one-on-one and one-to-many learning sessions.

Each participant will also be assigned a specialised success manager who will give help specific to their organisation.

The application time for this programme is from October 4 through November 14, 2022, and the programme will begin in February 2023.

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