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Google Opens A High-tech School At Israeli University

Alphabet Inc.’s Google (GOOGLE.O) aims to collaborate with Israel’s Reichman University to develop a high-tech school at Israeli University. On Monday, the university announced the opening of a school to train high-tech personnel. The school will provide a wide range of technology-related courses.

Although Israel’s high-tech sector is expanding, there are numerous unfilled positions due to a shortage of qualified tech employees. The university will provide financial assistance to students from low-income families. Women, ultra-Orthodox Christians, Arabs, Ethiopians, people from the geo-social periphery, and people from diverse socioeconomic classes may all be included.

Furthermore, the choice to construct a university will surely benefit Israel’s technology sector. The plurality of perspectives, attitudes, and viewpoints, according to Barak Regev, general manager of Google Israel, actually strengthens Israeli high-tech and its accomplishments. The company has decided to invest $25,000,000 in Israel’s labour market.

Collaboration will aid in the development of talented individuals who will contribute to Israel’s technical breakthroughs. According to the university, the classes will begin the next week, and those who successfully complete them will receive credit toward their degrees. Scholarships will be granted to worthy individuals through a programme initiated by Google.

Numerous technology courses will be provided at the Google Campus in Tel Aviv and Reichman University in the Israeli city of Herzliya. The courses cover topics such as programming, software testing, business strategy, sales, and data analysis. However, as time passes, the university will expand its offerings in this area. The institution intends to establish a one-of-a-kind, fully functional department to aid pupils.

According to statistics, the technology industry accounts for approximately 15% of Israel’s economic activity. At the same time, hundreds of new businesses are established. According to the Israeli IT review, Israeli IT companies raised over $10 billion in investments in the first half of 2022.

Google, on the other hand, has so far invested approximately $15 million in the effort. According to Reichman University professor Uriel Reichman, the first stage is to recruit students from underrepresented groups in Israeli society. Nonacademic teaching in technical disciplines is also available. We intend to hire 2,000 people with technology training in the high-tech industry.

He remarked that as a university that promotes entrepreneurship, we want to provide people with the opportunity to study and gain the expertise required to enter the sector. Despite not having a formal education, the graduates will have practical expertise.

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