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Google Photos Gets Generative AI: Users Can Make Objects Moving Within An Image

The Magic Editor is a tool that will be available with Google Pixel phones later this year and will allow users to change certain aspects of photographs, such as the backdrop.

Google has been developing a slew of new AI tools and incorporating them into its products in an effort to outperform the artificial intelligence (AI) market in terms of innovation. One such recent unveiling was the ‘Magic Editor’ for Google Photos.

Google Photos “Magic Editor,” a generative AI tool that would give users with a fantastic photo-editing experience and even allow them to choose and move a topic in the picture, was introduced at its I/O conference.

By selecting and moving key topics around the image, users may increase the overall quality of any shot and guarantee that specific things are in focus.

After choosing and relocating a subject in an image, the magic editor tool adds content and automatically fills the sections of the image left vacant.

The magic editing tool allows you to not only reposition your subject, but also modify the foreground and backdrop of the photograph.

Magic Editor Search

Presenters at the Google I/O conference utilized the magic editor to demonstrate how to arrange a subject in a picture such that it seems as if the subject is holding a waterfall, however the image failed since the subject was not properly placed.

The presenters, on the other hand, immediately and properly addressed the topic placement error and restored the image’s intended look.

Google promises that the magic editor, which will be released later this year alongside the new Pixel Phone, will be free for Pixel users.

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