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Google Will Include Calendar And Assistant Reminders Into Tasks

Google is integrating Assistant and Calendar reminders as part of its attempts to improve the functionality of the Tasks app.

Users could build a to-do list in their calendar or account before Google Tasks was released. It later became a distinguishing trait. According to the newest updates, Google is “simplifying our task management products by migrating Assistant and Calendar Reminders to Google Tasks.”

Following the update, users will see a notification telling them to open Tasks in order to create or view reminders on Assistant or Calendar.

Because of the new enhancement, it is now easier to manage all to-do lists in one spot, regardless of where they were created.

“We are continuing to invest in Google Tasks and develop its capabilities to help you record, organize, and accomplish all you need to get done,” Google said in a blog post announcing the upgrade.

The company stated that the modification was made to help people finish their tasks more effectively and that it will continue to improve with future updates.

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