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Google Will Need 60 Years To Sell As Many Phones As Samsung Sells In A Single Year

The idea of having a clean Android experience on a phone that was always built by another company was novel because it allowed those companies to put their own spin to the phone and create a very different positioning. I grew up with Google Nexus smartphones. Companies like as Samsung, Huawei, LG, Motorola, and even HTC have created Nexus devices.

The best part was that, although sharing the same software experience, each of these phones had different characteristics and offered something unique in terms of hardware.

The Pixel series, which Google chose to replace the Nexus range with in 2016, earned excellent reviews from both users and critics for the first three generations, but things started to sour with the introduction of the Pixel 4.

No Matter How Good Google Pixel Phones Are, They Will Take Decades To Catch Up To Samsung

Aur Sunao - Google Will Need 60 Years To Sell As Many Phones As Samsung Sells In A Single Year

Even if Google has worked hard to maintain the Pixel portfolio as up to date as possible, it seems that this is not the case, especially in light of the most recent IDC numbers.

Bloomberg’s Vlad Savov provided some intriguing numbers that indicate just how much danger Google is in, and to be honest, things don’t seem good.

According to IDC figures, Google has only been able to sell 27.6 million Pixel phones since 2016. That is just one-tenth of what Samsung expects to sell in 2021.

You may calculate that Google will require 60 years to sell the same number of phones that Samsung sells in a single year, which is a startling gap that begs the question, “What is Google doing wrong?”

In all honesty, Google is not doing inappropriately. Savov goes on to emphasise that Google is not a competitor to Samsung, but rather insurance for Android suppliers in the United States, especially in light of LG and HTC’s withdrawals from the market and the negative reputation of Chinese phones. Sony is the sole remaining alternative, and its present stance is widely known.

This does not mean that Google will stop making Pixel phones entirely. In truth, the Pixel 7 series will be available tomorrow, with the Pixel 8 series coming the following year.

Do you think Google Pixel phones have a chance to challenge Samsung’s market hegemony? Please share your suggestions with us.

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