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Here’s Why Faysal Quraishi Is Critical Of Pakistani Dramas And Viewers

Faysal Quraishi, who recently appeared in a drama series starring Madiha Imam, slammed Pakistani dramas and fans on a chat show.

When asked why he usually portrays an older person who marries a younger woman in an interview, Quraishi the host responded that he can’t become youthful nowadays.

Quraishi said that there was nothing further he could do. I agree that we can produce mature love stories, but there’s a problem: Our people primarily watch dramas about marriage. I can only think of the drama series Pinjra, which covers a wide range of topics yet all of the plays revolve on marriage.

I developed a drama series called ‘Naraz,’ and the narrative revolved around the relationship between the father and son; however, nobody watched it; in Pakistan, there is only one problem, and that is shadi, he explained.

What can drama producers do when people want to witness this type of drama, he asked again? We endeavour to make changes, but we can’t do much since it’s a popular formula, he says, and then we satisfy our desire to play challenging parts with projects like ‘Aik Thi Laila.’

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