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Hindu Community In UAE Is Getting Stronger With A New Temple

  • A large temple was just opened in Dubai, a significant step for the religion’s historical links with the Gulf.

Hindu Community throughout the world are celebrating a holiday season that involves some of the oldest religious ceremonies in recorded religious history. Navratri, a Hindu god-honoring holiday, has finished. Dussehra, a celebration marking the triumph of virtue over evil based on the narrative of the destruction of the demonic 10-headed ruler Ravana, begins today.

Hindus in the United Arab Emirates will also remember a more recent occurrence. Today marks the formal opening of a new temple in Jebel Ali, Dubai. Hindus in the UAE now have a second place of worship in a country with many and more on the way.

In 2024, Abu Dhabi will welcome a significant and traditional temple. The National has kept a close eye on the project’s progress, which comprised 30,000 pieces of stone, millions of handmade clay bricks, hand-carved sculptures, archways, and seven spires to represent each of the UAE’s seven emirates.

Despite its tiny size, the Hindu community in Dubai has risen tremendously as a result of today’s inauguration. This structure with Indian and Arabic style has prayer rooms, a banquet hall, a meditation studio, educational areas, and an industrial kitchen.

As a result of all of this, the temple has become a cultural landmark and a venue where both Hindus and non-Hindus may learn about the Hindu religion’s history and culture.

It also helps to remind everyone of the long-standing ties that Hindus and wider India have with the GCC, ties that predate the UAE’s creation in 1971. The Shrinathji Temple, established in Bahrain in 1817, and Hindu businessmen have long aided the local economy.

These commercial ties continue to exist today. In May of last year, India and the UAE signed a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement. Non-oil trade between the two countries is expected to reach $100 billion in five years.

Last but not least, the establishment of a new temple contributes to the UAE’s efforts to foster religious tolerance in the region. Bahrain, a neighbouring nation, is similar.

As already indicated last week, Pope Francis will go there. His 2019 visit to the United Arab Emirates was the first papal visit to the Arabian Peninsula. Furthermore, it was announced this week that Bahrain would hold a large interfaith conference titled “The East and the West for Human Coexistence” in November.

Pope Francis and Dr. Ahmed Al Tayeb, Grand Imam of Al Azhar and president of the Muslim Council of Elders, are among those in attendance.

The new temple, which opened today, is available to everyone, not only Hindus in the area. In a world where separation seems to be expanding in many ways, it is critical that states be seen as actively supporting the integration of diverse faiths rather than just tolerating them.

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