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How To Use Phones Legally That Are PTA Blocked In Pakistan

The only reason the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority continues hiking phone taxes in Pakistan is because Pakistanis are the richest people on the globe. Furthermore, given the growing cost of cellphones as a result of both inflation and import tariffs. The current PTA tax is about equivalent to the item’s cost.

Because the PTA just informed us that iPhone 13 taxes are payable in Pakistan, it seems that no taxes are being decreased. This article explains the relevant PTA taxes on an iPhone 13.

We have a couple methods for you to utilize your non-PTA-approved phone like a regular phone. The best option is to pay the tax and use your phones if you can, but if you can’t, you may use the following method instead. Please keep in mind that we will not discuss any illegal tactics with you.

For Android Users

S-Com Simulator

S-Com is a northern Pakistan telecom carrier that provides national 4G networking. For reasons we don’t understand, the S-Com sim works in all non-PTA approved phones in Pakistan. The PTA may have been too obsessed with tax collection to recall S-Com, or it may have been something else, but the S-Com sim will work perfectly in any non-PTA-approved Pakistani phone.

The difficulty is that you would have to change your phone number, which may be difficult if you had been using the same number for a long time. The second difficulty is that the sim is only accessible in northern Pakistan, so you’d have to buy it online from sites like OLX, etc., for a few thousand rupees more.

Jazz Digit Phone

If you don’t want to change your phone number or can’t find an S-Com sim card, you should acquire a Jazz Digit 4G phone. These phones have a lot of features and just cost 4-5k rupees. These phones have a fast hotspot and a long battery life, enabling you to use all internet programmes on your main phone (including WhatsApp, Facebook, and others) while utilizing Digit 4G for calls and messaging.

For IPhone Users

The IKOS Tool

Aur Sunao - How To Use Iphones Legally That Are PTA Blocked In Pakistan

These devices are no longer as popular as they once were since most phones now support dual sims. Fortunately for Pakistanis, these gadgets are still available via online merchants. One of these PTA-approved devices is significantly less costly than an iPhone. The PTA tax on IKOS devices is roughly 17-18K rupees, which is much less than the price of the most current iPhone. So you could authorize an IOS device, install your SIM card, connect it to your iPhone, and it would work great with non-PTA phones.

Affordably Priced Second IPhone

All Apple devices have a very useful feature that enables you to use your SIM card on any phone that is tied to the same Apple ID. If you choose the “allow calls on other devices” option, your call will immediately ring on your main phones; unlike Digit 4G, you won’t even need to look at your secondary phone. Even if an earlier iPhone, such as the iPhone 6, costs about $30-40k (PTA approved), it is still far less than the PTA tax, and you won’t even know that it isn’t a PTA phone.

The inter-device connection is so robust that if your new iPhone requires internet access, it will instantly use the internet from your secondary device; you also don’t need to turn on your secondary iPhone’s hotspot.

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