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I Covered Kaifi’s Song To Heal My Broken Heart And Myself, Aima Baig

Kaifi’s Kahani Suno deep but sorrowful song has impacted many people, including well-known performer Aima Baig. So much so that the Do Bol singer created an official video as well as her own rendition of the song. Meanwhile, many fans were unimpressed with her rendition of the song.

On Instagram, the Baazi singer announced the release of her official video. Baig can be seen wearing a sparkling costume and staring intensely into the lens in the films that have been shared online. Pyar Hua Tha It’s now accessible! Baig encouraged her fans to watch the complete movie on YouTube in the post’s caption.

In an interview with Independent Urdu, Baig stated that she could fully identify with the song while recording it. I begged Kaifi’s permission to work on the song, and he enthusiastically consented, the singer stated. He claimed he was curious about how his music would sound with my voice. He was ecstatic about the idea. As soon as I heard the song, I fell instantly in love, she continued. I was smitten by his voice, the lyrics, and how much I could empathize with the song at the time. I could relate to the song because I was going through a similar loss at the time.

Everyone was aware of how devastated I was, but today my heart is healing, Baig said of the heartbreak. I feel Kahani Suno had a significant role in my recuperation. There’s a cliché that goes, There’s a special shine about an artist when they’re heartbroken, she commented. But I was experiencing writing difficulties. For me, nothing sprang to mind. However, as soon as I heard the music, I realized, Kaifi is clearly conveying what I want to say.

Baig stated that rather than engaging in social media debates with trolls, she lets her art speak for itself. My difficulty—I’m not sure if it’s a problem or a quality—is that I would never engage in a heated debate with my followers online. Sorry for not responding to every comment. I believe that the best way for an artist to express himself is through his art, and because Kaifi’s song Kahani Suno perfectly describes my feelings, singing it seemed only natural. Perhaps he was going through something similar.

Baig went on to explain that she didn’t care how people reacted to the song. I covered this song to console myself and my shattered heart. But I’m pleased that the music is warmly embraced. I suppose it also helped that Kahani Suno lacked a female counterpart. I learned it was trending less than 24 hours after its initial publication. But I never considered whether or not it would be popular. I didn’t give a hoot about anything; I was simply singing the song. This was for my personal healing, she explained.

Baig added that the video was shot on the spur of the moment by Adnan Qazi, the filmmaker. I was at Adnan’s apartment, and we were listening to my cover of the song, Baig said. He informed me that in order for us to record the video at his house, he had this clothing that he required me to wear. We finished the video within the next four to five hours. His house served as the backdrop, and we shot it there and there.

The crooner also confessed that she was typically the first performer chosen for an item number. However, Baig stated that she had continually turned down the offer. “I used to often remark that for the time being, I’d prefer to just concentrate on the singing side. But I never wondered why I didn’t sing my own song. I regularly had the opportunity to shake hands with the actors from the same video. But all I’d be doing is joyously singing along. I should mention that I was a huge fan of playback singing. However, for the time being, I’d like to concentrate on my own tracks.

Baig went on to talk about social media and cyberbullying. The Qalabaz Dil singer suggested keeping her personal life private based on her personal experiences. Everyone should shun social media, she joked. Even if it is critical to your success, it is equally damaging. It’s toxic to the point where it’s the sole reason people commit suicide, lose their jobs, and go into depression – just like I did. I had been broken for a while before Allah summoned me. I went to Umrah with my father and absolutely had to see Ka’abah.

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