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Imran Khan Speaks Badly About An Institution That “Raised Him”: PM Shehbaz Sharif

According to the Prime Minister, Imran Khan referred to him as a boot polisher and made an unconstitutional offer to the army chief.

According to PM Shehbaz, Lt Gen Nadeem Anjum, DG ISI, received authorisation before speaking to the media.

The Prime Minister says he is eager to speak with New Delhi, but only under certain conditions.

As the PTI continues its long march toward Islamabad, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif alleged on Sunday that Imran Khan is pouring venom on an organisation that “raised him.”

In answer to a question from a YouTuber in Lahore on the DG ISI’s news conference, the premier stated that the PTI chief “severely criticised” the Pakistan army. He went on to declare that the organization’s goal is to safeguard Pakistan.

This institution’s officers and troops have made uncountable sacrifices, whether in war or terrorism, since Pakistan’s inception, the prime minister said. He went on to explain that the army was fighting terrorism at a time when no part of the country was safe.

You scream hatred in such a location. Was there anything illegal done? Please tell me if the no-confidence vote was illegal or unconstitutional, PM Shehbaz said. He claimed that the former prime minister made an extended offer to the army chief in order to ensure the failure of the vote of no-confidence that led to his resignation.

He used to call me a boot polisher and everything, the PM commented, and Imran Khan made an illegal offer to derail a constitutional move in parliament.

He spews hate on an institution that raised him, said the premier. He also reminded the audience that the organisation had overcome all difficulties to assist his predecessor and had given him the support that no other prime minister had gotten in the nation’s 75-year history.

I say it in a humorous mood, but Pakistan would have rocketed under Mian Nawaz Sharif’s leadership if we had 20% of that backing, the Prime Minister said. Despite all of this support, he claimed, the PTI chief failed.

The prime minister used the analogy of pushing a car to start it and stated that Khan had failed despite all of his efforts. He went on to remark that the former prime minister is now criticising that institution through Shahbaz Gill or Azam Swati.

Even an animal cannot do what Imran Khan is doing. According to the Prime Minister, even a witch will attack after avoiding three homes. Even if Khan works his whole life, he will never be able to repay the institution for the favours it has shown him.

They raised you and did other things. Begged for money, and it was granted by Qatar, China, and Saudi Arabia. Put everything on the line for the sake of Pakistan, the prime minister urged.

In response to Lt Gen Nadeem Anjum, DG ISI, and the military spokesperson’s press conference, PM Shehbaz stated that the official had asked for his permission before speaking to the media.

I have never seen a liar like Imran Khan in my life, said PM Shehbaz.

Prime Minister Is Ready To Hold Talks With India

In response to a question about improving relations with India, Prime Minister Shehbaz indicated that if New Delhi is sincere, he is willing to undertake talks with it under certain conditions.

This is not the time for fights and fighting, the prime minister proclaimed. I want India to come and sit at the table. Everything will be pointless if New Delhi does not plan to deal with Kashmir.

PM Shehbaz further claimed that while in Saudi Arabia, he addressed resolving the Kashmir problem. Riyadh, he added, is willing to act as a go-between for Islamabad and New Delhi.

During the prime minister’s fruitful meetings with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, the crown prince expressed a willingness to invest in Pakistan.

Khan Swears He Will Not Enter The Red Zone

In response to the PTI’s approaching long march, PM Shehbaz declared that the elected coalition government was responsible for safeguarding national stability and would not allow anyone to cause a political or economic crisis.

Any efforts to enter the Red Zone would be halted under the existing legislation, the premier declared.

The prime minister continued to criticise Khan, claiming that he has a personal agenda and is determined to bring the country to its knees.

Unfortunately, Imran Niazi only analyses matters that are personally relevant to him. Even he did not spare his close acquaintances who were disregarded, he said.

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