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Imran Khan Will Return In Two To Three Days, Hammad Azhar

  • According to Hammad Azhar, Imran Khan will return to action in two to three days.
  • PTI will meet to discuss the attacker’s words, among other things.
  • says the nonviolent protest will continue

According to PTI leader Hammad Azhar, Imran Khan, the party’s leader, will return to politics in two to three days.

On Thursday, Imran Khan was injured while leading an anti-government long march into Islamabad while standing on a container with other PTI officials. A bullet wound in his leg.

While speaking to the media at the Shaukat Khanum Hospital in Lahore, the PTI leader indicated that the party would continue its nonviolent protest against Imran Khan’s attempted assassination.

He highlighted that the assault of the PTI head was “a religious fanatic made in a studio,” and that PTI officials will meet to discuss this and update the public later.

According to Hammad Azhar, Moazzam Gondal, a young guy who died in the gun attack on Imran Khan on November 3 in Wazirabad, would receive a total of Rs15 million.

He promised to take Moazzam’s bereaved family to Shaukat Khanum Hospital to speak with Imran Khan. According to Hammad Azhar, the Punjab government will also provide an additional Rs. 5 million to the bereaved family in the next days or weeks. Moazzam’s children have already received Rs. 5 million from the PTI.

He stated that the PTI would pay for all of Moazzam’s children’s expenses.

Imran Is Being Investigated By The Government

At the same time, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif directed that action be taken against Imran Khan and his supporters for making false claims regarding military services.

According to a statement issued in this regard, he reached the decision while attending a meeting in Punjab’s capital.

“In reaction to false charges made against institutions, the federal government has chosen to exercise its authority. In reaction to the ISPR’s (Inter-Services Public Relations) announcement, Imran Khan and his friends will face legal action “It said.

The administration has also established a panel of legal and constitutional experts to help craft a strategy.

Imran Claims To Have Been Aware Of Homicidal Plot

Khan addressed his followers in a speech aired from the hospital that he was aware of the approaching threat and had learned that a plan was in place to assassinate him “somewhere between Wazirabad and Gujrat.”

On Thursday, Khan was leading a protest march through the city, demanding early elections and the resignation of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, when he was shot in the leg while waving to people from a truck-mounted container.

The attack, according to Khan, was prepared by Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah, a prominent army officer, and Prime Minister Shehbaz, who took over as premier following a vote of no confidence in April.

Khan stated that after watching the exponential development in the number of participants in his long march, three individuals, including Rana Sanaullah, Shehbaz Sharif, and an army major, developed a plan to assassinate him.

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