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Imran Khan’s Bail Is Extended In Money And Terrorism Cases

  • Mran Khan’s bail is extended in connection with the charges against him, which include foreign finance and terrorism.
  • Judge Raja Jawad Abbas of the Anti-Terrorism Court postponed the hearing until November 9 and granted an extension.
  • Imran Khan’s request to skip his appearance in the funding case was approved by Rukhshanda Shaheen, a female judge at the Banking Court, and his bail was extended until November 10.

leader of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan has had his bail extended in terrorist and foreign funding cases.

Imran Khan’s attorney, Babar Awan, appeared before Judge Raja Jawad of the Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) and requested that the PTI leader not be obliged to appear in court.

Judge Raja Jawad Abbas of the Anti-Terrorism Court accepted the motion and rescheduled the hearing for November 9.

While the Special Central Judge was absent, Banking Court Judge Rakhshinda Shaheen presided over the funding hearing.

Imran Khan’s attorney, Intizar Panjotha, appeared on his behalf and stated that because Khan is the leader of a major political party and is leading a long march from Lahore, he is unable to make it to court due to traffic congestion.

The court should grant Imran Khan’s request for leave to appear today, the judge stated. He has always respected and followed the law.

When Imran Khan wanted to be excused from appearing in the funding case, female Banking Court judge Rukhshanda Shaheen approved her request, extending the bail until November 10.

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