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India Introduces Its First New AI Anchor, Sana

“India Today” has introduced an AI female anchor named “Sana” to its audience, drawing inspiration from Chinese AI-powered news anchors.

Sana is the first AI female anchor introduced by India Today. Sana was introduced by Kalli Purie, vice chair of the India Today Group, at the India Today Conclave 2023. The purpose of this shift in the mainstream media is to boost productivity, reduce expenses, and maintain a high level of news coverage.

Sana is a multilingual AI robot described by Kalli Purie as “bright, gorgeous, ageless, and relentless.” Sana can provide daily news updates in a multitude of languages several times each day. Sana will also host a new show in which she will investigate and explain a different topic each day while interacting with the audience and taking questions.

News anchoring by AI-powered bots is becoming increasingly popular due to its numerous benefits. AI bots can labour indefinitely, without rest, and give audience news updates fast and effectively. AI can provide several language options, especially for multilingual audiences.

Finally, with the debut of the first female AI anchor, the media industry has evolved substantially. Sana’s benefits and talents illustrate the promise of AI for news anchoring. While some may perceive this as a setback for human anchors, it’s crucial to remember that AI and humans may work together to provide high-quality news updates to viewers.

According to Kalli Purie, Sana will supplement rather than replace human anchors. The company will provide Sana with a human surrogate editor, and more human editors are likely to be hired. Despite admitting that the future is “fascinating and scary,” the vice chair is optimistic about integrating AI and humans.

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