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iPhone’s New Feature Can Now Accurately Copy Your Voice In Just 15 Minutes

The iOS 17 Beta 2 update, which Apple previously made available to developers and beta testers, is now available to the general public. The most recent version includes a revamped update screen, numerous important enhancements unveiled at WWDC, and additional information about the beta software.

However, one of iOS 17’s most exciting innovations was not addressed during the introductions. Thanks to a new feature called Personal speech, iPhones running iOS 17 can now build a remarkably accurate clone of your speech.

Its operation is rather simple. Personal Voice can be found under the accessibility options on your phone. When you choose “Create Personal Voice” from this option, you will be forced to talk aloud for 15 minutes. After that, the data will be processed overnight to create a synthetic recording of your voice.

You can see it in action in the video that is provided below.

Despite the slightly robotic aspect of the synthesized voice, it sounds incredibly natural.

Other features that will be featured in iOS 17 are already known, such as the ability to exchange files with another iPhone by touching the two devices together. It makes use of WiFi Direct and is powered by AirDrop.

In addition, additional widget options for Apple Music, contact posters, improved autocorrect, Standby Mode, MicroLocation settings, and much more will be available.

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