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Is Biparjoy Cyclone 770 Km On The Way To Karachi

A cyclone named Biparjoy is continuing traveling toward Pakistan and is only 770 kilometers from Sindh’s capital, According to the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD).

According to the details, the cyclone’s speed could not be reduced. Biparjoy reached the North Indian Ocean 770 kilometers from Karachi, according to the PMD, and is expected to make landfall on the Sindh and Makran coasts on Wednesday or Thursday.

Thunderstorms may develop in the nation’s coastal regions if the storm makes landfall. Winds from the storm might exceed 1.5 km/h, causing vulnerable structures to fall, according to the meteorological department.

The government has advised fisherman not to travel into open waters, according to meteorologists. Section 144 is in force along the coast, swimming is prohibited, and the Meteorological Department has tasked the cyclone warning center with monitoring the storm.

The Meteorological Department has stated that, while it is uncertain where the cyclone will go, it is predicted to strike Indian Gujarat and Sindh, as well as Makran and Oman.

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