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Is Netflix Wednesday Series Returning For A Second Season?

It’s probable that Netflix will not broadcast the second season of The Addams Family spin-off.

The Tim Burton “Addams Family” spinoff starring Jenna Ortega as Wednesday has officially surpassed one billion hours of Netflix streaming in just one month, becoming the third title to do so. The adherents of the famed clan immediately embraced the series.

Despite its popularity on Wednesday, the programme may not return to Netflix for a possible second season, which may run on a different network.

Wednesday is sure to be on Netflix’s radar, but because it is a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) production, the streaming service may not get first dibs on future episodes of the show.

According to Deadline, Amazon and MGM agreed to a £7.06 billion agreement in March 2022, which might result in Amazon owning the rights to Wednesday following the merger.

The story follows the title character’s adolescent daughter as she transitions to a new school for misfits and is immediately faced with developing her psychic ability, solving a long-running supernatural mystery, and putting a halt to a local killing spree—all while making new friends. Wednesday is now accessible on Netflix.

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