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Jason Aldean Mocks Donald Trump After He Kisses His Wife On The Forehead At A New Year’s Eve Party

After spending New Year’s Eve with the former president of the United States, country singer Jason Aldean was mocked on social media when Donald Trump kissed his wife on the lips on New Year’s Eve.

The holidays would be incomplete without a little drama! Many people mocked Jason Aldean, 45, after his wife Brittany Aldean’s New Year’s Eve tweet featured a photo of Donald Trump, 76, kissing her on the forehead. “A fairytale ending to 2022,” the 34-year-old captioned the photo slideshow. Jason and his wife posed with the former president of the United States and his 52-year-old wife, Melania Trump, in the post. However, not all of Brittany’s 2.4 million followers are fans of the photos. “Well, this has destroyed his music for me,” one fan commented on the star’s Instagram photo.

A large number of people also reacted to the unexpected kiss on Twitter. “Doesn’t Trump’s relationship with Jason Aldean’s wife seem a little too close? “Eww,” one online sleuth said, while another added, “Sorry, but she appears to know exactly what she’s doing.” Despite the comments about the forehead kiss, another admirer was horrified by the table! What happened to the servers? I’m even more embarrassed by the state of the table. That is not a country club table. The employees must despise the visitors, the person joked.
Obviously, not all of the comments were negative, as Brittany and her husband have a large fan base.

Jason Aldean Mocks Donald Trump After He Kisses His Wife On The Forehead At A New Year's Eve Party

“A kiss on the forehead from the greatest President must be extremely good luck for a wonderful new year!!” said one of the blonde beauty’s Instagram followers. Another admirer stated that they would be overjoyed to receive a kiss from Trump. “I believe I could die happily if Trump kissed me on the forehead,” they wrote. Some Twitter users reacted negatively to Aldean’s decision to spend New Year’s Eve with the Republican television personality and Melania Trump. Jason’s musical endeavours will always have my support. How could I possibly ignore that voice? “But, to be polite, I do not share your beliefs,” the fan said, adding, “but that does not mean I cannot enjoy his music.”


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