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Karachi: Traffic Police Will Soon Have Body Cameras

In view of Karachi’s recent surge in crime rates and how dangerous the city has become, Sindh has decided to equip the traffic police department with body cameras as a safety measure. According to sources, the department would provide 768 body cameras to Karachi’s City Traffic Police (CTP).

Inspector General (IG) of Sindh Police Ghulam Nabi Memon made a remark on this during a high-level meeting. According to a police official, the IG of Sindh Police has announced that field agents will be trained on how to use body cameras and their many functionalities. Sindh Police will be in charge of this training.

The Sindh IG went on to explain that police officers equipped with body cameras will be on the lookout for street crime and traffic offenses. This will result in an effective response to these infractions and will be valuable in taking prompt action.

Aside from body cameras, Karachi’s government has successfully linked 20,000 private CCTV cameras to the police network. E-tagging capabilities have also been expanded across all Karachi police stations.

Javed Akhtar Odho, the city’s auxiliary inspector general (AIG), informed the audience that up to 20,000 private CCTV cameras have been linked to the police system and that all police stations now offer the new e-tagging service.

He continued by explaining the department’s future goal of integrating several smart technological gadgets to cope with the majority of the city’s rising street violence.

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